Adventures in storytelling by Bob Rector

About Me


I’ve been a professional storyteller for forty years, but my background is primarily in film, video, and stage work as a writer and director. I was one of the pioneers of music videos, first for The Now Explosion and then for Music Connection, which were highly popular nationally syndicated shows that preceded MTV by ten years. I created over 100 films for songs by the top musical artists of the times.

I wrote and directed an outdoor-adventure feature film, Don’t Change My World. During the filming of this I met my wife, Marsha Roberts, an open-heart surgery nurse at the time who soon became fascinated by film production and joined me in my work. Our nature and sports documentaries won countless awards for. We later formed Rector-Roberts Productions and expanded into corporate work, adding live shows to our repertoire. Clients included Coca-Cola, IBM, and Revlon.


Our original three-act play, Letters From the Front, written and directed by me and produced by Marsha. We performed it at far flung locations around the world, including in the middle of the Indian Ocean, shown in the photo below.


Letters From the Front entertained America’s troops around the world for fifteen years and was the first theatrical production to be performed at the Pentagon. Because of the many awards and commendations given to us by commanding generals, it became known as the World’s Most Decorated Play.

As busy as we were, Marsha and I still managed to raise a family. We have two sons, Alan and Matt, and one daughter-in-law, Matt’s wife Amber. We also have a mixed breed German shepherd, Smokey, who keeps order in the house.

After decades on the road (and in the air!) Marsha and I finally settled down long enough so I could write my first novel, UNTHINKABLE CONSEQUENCES. Marsha also wrote and published a non-fiction book, CONFESSIONS OF AN INSTINCTIVELY MUTINOUS BABY BOOMER, which recounts many of our adventures while traveling the world.


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