Adventures in storytelling by Bob Rector


Besides all other strong points like great plot, unforgettable suspense and action, lovely romance, convincing characters, I want to point out the very style of the author. His skill of writing and storytelling is really remarkable, captivating and ‘mind-blowing’. What I also enjoyed was the setting, descriptions of wildlife and nature, which masterfully enhanced and complemented the entire storyline.

Moreover, Bob Rector demonstrates profound knowledge of the human psyche, instincts and desires, interweaving some original insights into the life of the main characters, i.e. Paula and Kurt; thus rendering this written work a best-selling page-turner.
By all means, this book is multidimensional, extremely dynamic and deep.
A masterpiece you would definitely relish!


Boyko Ovcharov Boyko Georgiev Ovcharov is the author of Wandering Feelings and Life After Life. He is an MBA graduate from the University of Buckingham, the United Kingdom (2002). At present, he is a full-time lecturer in management and marketing, business and general English for students and professionals, including exams and certificates preparatory courses.


Check out Mr. Ovcharov’s Amazon Author’s page at:


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