Adventures in storytelling by Bob Rector


“An optimistic look at the magic of life.” — Kirkus Reviews

Goodreads Listopia Voted #1 Best Books Written by Women ~ #1 Must Read Memoirs ~ #1 Most Inspiring Books ~ #1 Best Happiness Books

An unflinching look at the life of a Baby Boomer woman told with heart, humor and charm. Roberts grapples with the question: how do you keep the twinkle in your eye and the sass in your walk as you get older? The unique way she finds the answer has been described as “Funny, touching and inspirational” ~ “Heart tugging and heart warming” ~ “Delightful”


Roberts takes the reader on a captivating journey where real life collides with real miracles. With stories ranging from candidly intimate to wonderfully adventurous, each chapter or parable uncovers a piece of the puzzle. And as it comes together, the picture that emerges reflects Roberts’ life-affirming belief in God, the essential ingredient in her secret formula for happiness.

A charming and uplifting read, Marsha’s style of writing makes you feel as if you’re with a trusted friend, sharing life lessons over a cup of coffee.


Yes, you’re going to like this book even if you’re a guy and even if you’re not a boomer. A great book is a great book and it doesn’t matter if you’re a mongoose or a duck-billed platypus. So if you’re neither of these, but are a guy, even if you haven’t attained boomer status yet, or even if you have, you’re going to find this book a terrific read.

Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer (if this title isn’t long enough for you, it actually continues on) is a book of universal truths told from the heart of a woman who has faced down many adversities through her faith in God and her belief in herself. Ms. Roberts has taken the lessons she learned in the process and woven them into a compelling narrative that keeps you flipping pages as if you were reading a best selling thriller.

Actually it IS a bit of a thriller and the fact that it’s all true gives it a powerful punch. The ring of truth is very loud, especially the chapters recounting her time spent with the men and women in America’s Armed Services across the globe while producing the long-running play “Letters From the Front.” Before that she was an award winning film editor and an operating room nurse. She’s a wife and mother too. She knows of which she speaks.

Now she’s a writer and clearly a damn good one too. As a guy who doesn’t like to be lectured or preached to, much less condescended to, I appreciated that Ms. Roberts never does any of these things. Each chapter, sometimes referred to as parables, are related in a friendly and very personal tone that makes you feel like she’s sitting in the room with you. She’s good company.

Don’t be surprised if you see yourself in many of these stories. You will be moved, inspired and always entertained. I know I was. Highly recommended.



See me! Hear me! Now you can do both with Marsha Roberts life-affirming bestseller “Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer.” Acclaimed actress Della Cole brings her very special talents to bear and the result is indeed “5-Star Soul Candy.” Hear samples of the audiobook here.


Marsha Roberts began her professional career as a scrub nurse in open-heart surgery, but her gypsy spirit would not leave her alone. At 23 she walked away from that life to travel and seek new adventures. She worked as an art director, a stage manager and film editor. Along the way she discovered a knack for selling creative projects and produced marketing films and elaborate Corporate Theatre presentations for IBM, Coca-Cola, Revlon, Georgia-Pacific and Domino’s Pizza among others.

This led the way to developing and producing a full theatrical production, “Letters From the Front,” which she toured for fifteen years all around the world. Her travels took her to Germany, England, Belgium, Italy, Spain, S. Korea, Japan, Guam and the Indian Ocean, plus virtually every major city in the states including Alaska and Hawaii — all with her kid in tow.

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