Adventures in storytelling by Bob Rector


A single secret begets a layer of lies.

Anna Nesmith believes she has it all–a great marriage, a dream job and a home of her own. When a State Department investigator begins asking questions, Anna’s ordered world implodes. Frank Caburn is man to the bone and manufactures testosterone like Frito Lay does chips. Instantly attracted to Anna, he is determined to make her his own–if only she can pick through the emotional rubble to find her bruised heart can love once again.

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Jackie Weger’s new novel No Perfect Secret is about a woman, Anne Nesmith, who suddenly realizes that someone very close to her, someone she’s shared her life with in the most intimate way possible, is someone she doesn’t really know at all.

Anna works in DC as a Senate research assistant at the Library of Congress. Her husband Kevin is a State Department courier who lives his life on airplanes which means Anne lives her life alone. And childless, a condition she desperately wants to change.

One snowy winter’s day Frank Caburn, a “Government man,” knocks on Anne’s door and her entire world crumbles around her. With each passing day she finds herself becoming more entangled in a web of deceit and mystery not of her making. Down is up. Up is down. And everything seems to be inside out.

She also finds herself falling in love with Frank Caburn, which makes Anne question who she really is. Frank seems quite odd, as if he’s been snatched out of the 1950s complete with Old Spice aftershave. Who is he really? Why is she so attracted to him?

And then there’s the issue of the missing body.

As if this isn’t confusing enough, Anne’s life is bombarded with a cavalcade of odd-ball characters, including a 90 year old granny who throws one hell of a Christmas party, and an in-law outlaw that wants to kill Anne.

Jackie Weger has spun a skillful and entertaining romance novel. I know I’m not the target audience but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. As Gertrude Stein once said, “A good story is a good story is a good story.” If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, or just a book to curl up by the fire with, this is it. Highly recommended.

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An award-winning author, Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. When she’s writing, she’s anchored in a tiny room with a desk, a chair and a cat. When not writing, blogging or chatting with fans, she’s traipsing around the Internet searching for recipes, but much prefers to travel the good earth by foot, bus, canoe, sloop, mule, train, plane or pickup–and let somebody else do the cooking.

13 thoughts on “NO PERFECT SECRET by Jackie Weger

  1. Gee, Bob Rector! I love when a guy reads one of my books. I once had a cousin who worked off shore on oil rigs who told me my books were always at the bottom of the book’s bin, but all of the guys read them on the rig and denied it ashore! Thank you for you kind words.
    Jackie Weger

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  2. thanks for sharing this. I LOVED this book, and I loved her characters!

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  3. Couldn’t agree with you more, Bob: And Jackie knows how to tell a good story!

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  4. Sounds like a terrific read, Jackie! Thanks for the insight into her story, Bob, you made us all want to read it!
    Cheers from The Mutinous Boomer (AKA Marsha)

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  5. Yes, glad to see a man reading romance and liking it. Yay! Great review, Bob. 🙂

    Dale Furse

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  6. Thanks Dale. Probably more men reading romance than you know.


  7. Great review Bob and well done, Jackie! Sounds like you got another winner there. This book is next on my TBR list and I can’t wait to dig right in. The review is tantalising enough but the Old Spice ref did it for me!! Can’t wait; sounds like I got another Tucker Highsmith on my hands, Whoahey!!!!

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  8. Thank you, Fros. Yeah, when I read the bit about Old Spice I laughed out loud. Great defining character touch. That’s when he came to life for me.


  9. Ha, that is so true, Bob, some without them knowing it. I know one who has read Space Operas and told me what great SciFi stories they are. 😀

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