Adventures in storytelling by Bob Rector


“Unthinkable Consequences” by Robert Rector takes place in 1959 Southern Florida where Rector’s creative storytelling talent takes us on a roller coaster ride of genres from erotic to hard-hitting action.

Paula’s extra-marital affair with Kurt fulfills the missing elements of her stale marriage, but forces her to deal with the guilt of her actions. En route to a secluded beach, Paula fights the internal battle between her physical desires and her attached feelings of guilt. As usual, the anticipation of fulfillment with her muscular paramour won the day, but today was different. Kurt denied her the physical fulfillment she craved and delivered an ‘only me or nothing at all’ ultimatum.

His demand changed their relationship and exposed flaws they now had to deal with. Certain Paula would decline; Kurt neglected to tell her of his mercenary involvement in a jewel heist involving a Columbian drug lord and the inevitable danger.

Paula struggled with the dilemma and came to terms with her husband’s lack of interest and his mother’s total dislike of her. Her carnal desires won the day and led them to a wild ride through lust to love, and a surprise violent encounter with ‘bad mercs’.
Rector’s vivid writing forces you to turn the pages to the very end.

A great story told well and a highly recommended read.


Norm Clark has two action packed thriller novels available (“Resurrected” and the recently published “The Saladin Strategy”) in the Jack McDuff series in ebook and print formats. Work has begun on number three.
The genre and writing style of his work was dictated by his upbringing and choice of friends through the years. He was born and raised in a military environment, which, to a large degree, set the tone for the genre. Input and stories from friends (a couple of Navy Seals, a Force Recon marine, and a Viet Nam era Air America pilot) greatly influenced the plot-lines and writing style. Check out his Amazon author page at and his blog at



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